Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's finally here

Now some of you are probably wondering what all the excitement is about aren't you? Well rest assured when you find out, some of you are going to be checking for the other more obvious (and earlier) clues to the insanity that is about to become apparent.
But for some of us... read one small slave... this is a very exciting time of the year
Autumn is finally here... beams happily

Yes one does realise that it's been autumn for weeks now, it's just that no one bothered to tell the weather
And yes some of you are enduring the most miserable springs imaginable... like ancilla_ksst with all that snow
But in this part of the world the first inklings of cooler weather is a thing to be celebrated with all sorts of girly rituals...

The finding of a clean t-shirt for the morning... no more stumbling around buck naked clutching coffee
The first cup of tea in the evening that's actually enjoyable... rather than something that seemed like a good idea at the time
The doona has been fluffed in readiness... rather than lying inertly on the end of the bed
The fondling of clothes in the wardrobe that have sleeves in them and fabrics that actually touch your skin... without feeling the desire for another shower immediately
The knowledge that boots can soon be worn... without people looking at you sideways
The happy times spent looking at coats... not that you actually wear them more than once or twice a year here, but we like to pretend
The admiring of winter accessories (like gloves and coloured tights and stockings and scarves)... without breaking out in a sweat just thinking about them coming near you

And what has sparked all this excitement you may be wondering? Well it finally started dropping below 30C (86F) during the day on a regular basis and it's hitting about 15C (59F) at night.
Don't hate :D


doingthebesthecan said...

Aren't you freed if Master gives you clothes?

ancilla_ksst said...

Yeah, we definitely should average our parts of the world. 86 is still too hot for me. But it snowed all day here. I was supposed to work dogs, but Master said he'd forgive me due to weather icks.

Fondles said...

LOL congratulations on Autumn's arrival! Enjoy the tights and sleeves and scarves. *I'm* breaking out in a sweat thinking about them.