Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pet peeve

Reading over coffee one came across the comment that the person was young and of course they thought their relationship would last forever... it wouldn't.

Now, one is the first to admit that there are more than a few relationships under the belt. They were learning experiences. It was how one figured out how to do relationships in many ways. As a child from a family that specialised in acrimonious divorces or partners that just disappeared, good role models weren't exactly thick on the ground.
He on the other hand comes from a family where the women come out of the womb singing stand by your man. The men don't seem to be too far behind the women either judging by His brother. Now most of them only seem to have a rudimentary grasp of interpersonal communications or how to be gracious while in those relationships, but they understand the idea of sticking to the plan.

The thing is though that some relationships do last forever. Some people do manage to choose a partner at an early age and stick with them. Just because others don't have this experience, shouldn't mean that they get to piss all over someone else's parade. Unless, of course, they managed to get that non defective crystal ball. In which case they could give some constructive advice...
On that last day of the month of May day don't cross the road, go to the new coffee shop and end up in bed with a complete stranger. It will end the relationship.

Honestly good relationships are hard to find. They require work and perseverance to maintain. Most won't make the distance as it is. What they don't need is someone, whose failed relationship/ s clouds all other interactions, pronouncing its imminent death.
Unless that person does happen to have that crystal ball
Whispers and we all know that the chances of that are even lower than the chances of divorce


ancilla_ksst said...

That is one of my pet peeves too. If I have time and inclination I go ahead and site
1. my grandparents
2. my other grandparents
3. my parents
4. myself and my Master

as evidence against the theory that everyone in the world gets divorced/breaks up/doesn't last.

mc kitten said...

it's a weird thing, sometimes (rarely) I feel almost guilty that we're still together! We met as teenagers and now we're all approaching 40 our friends are all divorced and now remarrying...

Luckily I vastly prefer being odd.