Thursday, April 24, 2014

Levelling the playing field

Well He came to pick one up from work... a girl could get used to this. Unfortunately He got caught in the traffic jam from hell, caused by an accident earlier in the afternoon. Meanwhile one went to get snacks, 'cos it was getting late according to the stomach, besides it was probably going to be a long trip home. By the time He made it to work any feelings of wellness had evaporated. He was ashen and took the proffered food gratefully.

We made it home about the same time as if one had caught the bus, which one would have still been stuck on. He nestled on the couch while one threw on some washing, put on a piece of pork that was going to be dinner had we not eaten and started some washing up. Realising that it had gone quiet, one glanced over at the couch to see His recumbent form sound asleep.

He didn't even try and collect on the transportation debt...
Whispers He must be sick


ancilla_ksst said...

Poor guy! Get well soon L and L!

mc kitten said...

oh dear, laid low by a virus!

hope he feels better soon xxx