Monday, April 7, 2014

The descent into hell

We woke up after precious little sleep to be confronted by that unresolved coffee issue. Stumbling down stairs towards breakfast, bleary eyed and grossly undercaffeinated, we make yet another startling discovery. The buffet breakfast, though quite adequate, was largely processed foods... things in which gluten usually takes centre stage. Grabbing a couple of eggs one staggered to the coffee to find...
You guessed it. More fucking International Roast!

Dear gods it was bad enough that they tried to poison one with the food, but the coffee? That was the final straw.
A fact one bemoaned repeatedly while nursing a cup of black tea (no recognisable brand) and watching Him snarf his way through pancakes and sausages. Though He did have the grace to say that they weren't that good... not that it seemed to slow him down

Needless to say it was a grumpy, surly slave who exited the hotel in search of coffee and nourishment. It was a manoeuvre that had to be repeated about lunch time, when it became glaringly obvious that our friend was not only a late riser but late for most things. Meals in particular as it turned out... but we will get to that later.

So off we tottered to find some (late) lunch. We even managed to find substantial meals that had gluten free options on the menu. Unfortunately what one ordered was not what turned up... unless it was meant to be served on a bed of polenta and they had just omitted to mention that on the menu. So there we were, everyone fed except that one person who eats more than most.
Though in fairness to the restaurant they did crank out the replacement meal in record time... without a trace of gluten to be found... and one did check the lettuce leaves very carefully :)

Dinner time rocked around and more time passed. Enough time that we realised that there was every chance that we would not actually make it to a restaurant before the kitchen closed. In fact by that stage one had broken into the emergency food supplies in readiness for that eventuality. Our friend turned up late, but looking fabulous, just as we were about to order room service form one of the local restaurants. A process we still had to do due to the lateness of the hour.  

As it turned out the meals were superb, so that place is on our 'to do list' next time we are in town. If you can get food that good to a hotel one can only imagine how good it is served at the table.
And our dining companion was glamorous and gracious about being all dressed up with no place to go so you couldn't have hoped for more...
Well maybe some sleep, but there one is whining again :D

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ancilla_ksst said...

Hotel breakfasts usually suck. I wish I could go on vacation though.