Sunday, April 13, 2014

On a rainy Sunday afternoon

He came home from the only shift he had made it to and relapsed all over the bed until one woke him up after lunch. We did have plans to be somewhere, which were cancelled by the other people as it turned out. Unfortunately that fact was not discovered until after He had showered and dressed. Beyond caring He gave thanks to gods he doesn't believe in, stripped off and went back to bed.

Leaving one small slave to ponder why they favoured Him over oneself. There were plans that involved a couple of shops and coffee. As you readers know one does so worship the bean, particularly on a Sunday... OK any day of the week if one is completely honest.
Why have thou forsaken...
Oh right...
Lower on the food chain
Rolls eyes

He did rally in the evening, long enough to have sex. Sex that was against His better judgement... a fact that he did pause to mention before plunging in. As it turned out, that judgement was sound. It made His headache worse than it was already. There were oaths about blinding pain in fact.

This was not quite what one had planned at all...
It was hardly the positive reinforcement that one was aiming for and in hindsight one could have been more sympathetic to His plight, rather than smugly basking in orgasmic afterglow.
Sighs starting to see a small hole in yesterday's cunning plan... it would seem that the gods conspire to look after their own :(

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