Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Entertainment this week

The topic of humour that has been brewing on Fet is one large, topic specific group trying to make its members gentler, kinder people... to protect the newbies of course. Some of the biggest acts of kissing up and cheering this turn of events are being committed by those who have, historically, the worst track record of past performance.

One of the many fabulous by-products of an age where words can mean whatever you want them to mean, along with poor comprehension skills, is that it won't matter how a reply is worded as some lucky recipient is going to take it the wrong way. Why? 'Cos they can.

At this rate all queries will be able to be answered with a stock standard phrase along the lines of...
Of course you can.
It's your relationship.
Our previous bad experiences with a similar situation were entirely our own and shouldn't colour our replies or your perceptions.  

It should make for riveting reading :)