Thursday, October 23, 2014

It is a scary world

And we are being watched and assessed like never before. This morning our supermarket sent a selection of specials that they thought we might like, all garnered through our loyalty cards. Now, the funny thing is that how we shop skews their stats. We do the grocery shopping together... OK mostly together, except for those weeks when life has interfered with our plans... OK it's been ages since we shopped together. But the shopping that He does is weekly shopping while one small slave brings home the snacks and fruit for our free day.

The end result of this division of shopping are offers of things that are just downright entertaining. For example the gluten intolerant person who is fussy meat eater, has been offered pizza and cuts of steak that will never, ever be consumed in this household.  He, on the other hand, has been offered tinned tuna (something one suspects he has never, ever eaten) and chia pods (think he might have tried one once).

It was not this entertainment that caught one's eyes though. No, what caught one's attention was the fact that this targeted marketing has dobbed Him in...
'Cos on that list of offers to Him are packets of chocolate mint slice biscuits...
Contraband so forbidden that we do not mention its name and yet it has found its way into our shopping at some stage.

Sighs some people will do almost anything to get out of grocery shopping unsupervised alone it would seem ;)

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