Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunshine and sodomy

It was the first day of summer here today. Well it was as far as the weather was concerned. To celebrate one small slave donned on a bikini to bask in its radiance for a few minutes. Honestly it takes more time in preparation to get out into the sun than it does actually spent there. Sun block has to be put on twenty minutes beforehand, bikini selected and got into, towel found, hat pulled out from under something, kindle located, shoes (because everything here has a nasty bite, particularly the ants) slipped on...
All of that to lay out there for ten to fifteen minutes. It did feel lovely though :D

The only problem is at the end of the day, because one uses heavy zinc sun block, is getting the damn stuff off. It is impervious to soap and water even. In the end one resorts to a cleanser that is chock full of fruit acids... it stings like a bitch... but it works. Anyway it was in the middle of this process that He suddenly remembered that he needed a shower.
Coincidence, one thinks not -.-
And one small, trapped slave opened the eyes (which were trying to avoid the whole fruit acid thing) to find Him looming outside the shower door with that look on his hard on.

Afterwards, as we lay in bed all washed and polished clean... some parts more than others... He turned around and said thank you for letting me use your arse, in that smug tone that deserves to be slapped.
Um... it didn't look like you were going to take no for an answer
No, but it was nice to not have to struggle with you when I am tired. No pinning you against the wall, no brutal thrusting into you as you whimper...

WTF! All those things were happening... particularly the whimpering. Obviously none of it was big or loud enough to be noticed.



ancilla_ksst said...

"with that look on his hard on." This cracks me up! Dangers of the shower!

All I got today was pee on my head in there.

Master's piece said...

See, they are not safe places for slaves at all :(