Thursday, September 8, 2011

Permanent plugs revisited

The plumbers were farting around all day yesterday. Trooping in and out, traipsing mud and god knows what else all over the place. It made nap time very fraught... and a girl needs naps, preferably a solid three hours late morning is ideal. Water was turned on and off, there was noise and confusion... OK that bit occurred because three of them turned up that morning, but one of them wasn't supposed to be there as he came from another company... one digresses.

So this morning all one looked forward to was a nice long, uninterrupted shower, rather than the hurried event one got yesterday at some ungodly hour. After securely taping the bag on to protect the bandages... make note to self; we are going to have to find a way to shave the legs as the tape is going to hurt like a bitch when it is removed... off one hobbled to the bathroom. To find a new addition had been installed while one was couched...

That extra hose you see is for the permanent/ enema plug. It seems He had the plumbers do a little extra job while they were here. See the problem is although the plug/ enema combo is easy to use, all you have to do is remove the shower head, whack on the connector and screw on the plug, it isn't that easy to do when everything is covered in silicone lube. They become slippery little suckers and you end up with water spurting out all over the place. There is a reason people like Crisco; it comes off with soapy water unlike the lube. Not to mention you freeze your arse off while in a shower where all the water is being directed elsewhere L

Now this is where one is going to address a question from one of the readers. It is also where the more squeamish stop reading.
Off you go...

Angel Leslie asks...
"... can you go to the bathroom regular or do you have to use an enema while wearing (a permanent plug)?"

The answer is long and complicated so one thought it would be easier to put it here J
This depends on some variables... diet, stool size and plug size would be the main ones. With some of the large butt plugs like the MEO's it is likely that you wouldn't need an enema, but if your diet is bad it could be messy. Ideally you would want nice soft stools (that come from a good diet and plenty of water) that pass out cleanly and are not too large.
For this kind of permanent plug (or the small MEO's) you would probably need to use an enema.

Do stop reading here if you are the squeamish type who is still peeking...

Now the advantage of this type of plug is that you can just take out the core and replace it with the enema attachment. The thing is though generally these types of plugs work best if you have a wet room or at least a well tiled area because the minute you detach the hose, you are going to get spillage. Now some people find that deliciously humiliating and others find the idea of shit just repugnant... on all levels. That is one of the things you are going to have to decide for yourself.

If you do decide you don't want to deal with the realities then you are better off using the Njoy or Rosebud  butt plugs, removing them discretely to go to the toilet and reinserting them afterwards.

Personally one thinks that you can't have anal on a regular basis, mess around with enemas or plugs in general without encountering shit at some stage. It's no biggie unless you make it one. The Njoys are easier, the other types are fun... both have advantages and disadvantages which is why we have several types. With more to come... L


Unknown said...

One would think that with that much pressure you would blow up like a balloon.

Master's piece said...

Oddly enough you don't turn it on full... mind you in this area the water pressure is so piss poor it probably wouldn't matter if you did :(

Unknown said...

pics? ~smirk~ it's like pregnancy without all the messiness of raising the child

Anonymous said...

thank you for the post.

Anonymous said...

A couple questions to the permanent plug pros:
1) Have you experienced plugs popping out easily of the MEO rings of all sizes or only with the XS?
2) Do the S/M MEO rings get eaten up by that hungry ass as easily as the Permanent plug without the core? Do you feel one of them is more at risk of becoming a rectal foreign object on the X-ray of an ER internist than the other?
3) Which is more comfortable at insertion and day wear, considering sitting down, working out at the gym (ok, only mild weight lifting) or grocery shopping?

Thanks heaps! M

Master's piece said...

The popping out issue was due to too much lube and it not being pushed in far enough :)
Of the two plugs one would say that the MEO is less likely to be eaten... mainly due to the lip being a slightly different shape.
This plug is slightly more comfortable, though the ring sticks out a bit far for true comfort, but the MEOs are more practical overall. Either way though one would be reluctant to wear a plug to the gym... you might like to practise in the privacy of your room first :D
Hope that helps