Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Domestic dreariness

It was a day of it to be honest. Silly things like restringing the washing line. Nothing lasts forever in this climate and plastic coated anything is no exception. Of course as soon as the washing was hung out on the new line, it started to rain. It wasn't real rain, more a mist that you could smell and feel. There was enough however, that the washing had to be brought back in to the undercover line.

Apart from that it was hot, there was a low grade headache from the heat and a sore arse from yesterdays little endeavours. All in all it was a day spectacularly devoid of anything of interest. It happens in the best of households...
In fact it was so dull even the cat avoided us J


Unknown said...

WOOT! Score one for kitty intuition

Master's piece said...

And score one for the humans left alone :D