Monday, July 21, 2014

Leaving the burrow

We slipped out for dinner tonight. It was going to be lunch, but He was waiting for that most elusive of creatures; a UPS driver. Of course life being what it is we had been put on the end of the run, rather than the beginning where we usually are. Lunch had rolled around with no delivery in sight and He had trotted to the door at the sound of a vehicle so many times that one had worked up an appetite watching him. We made a nifty change of plans and lunch became dinner.

So rugged up in a jacket, jumper, scarf, opaque tights and a leopard mini one tottered off in search of food. This picture doesn't do the lovely gold, black and cream of the skirt justice, but it does explain a mystery. See that skirt is short, damn short, wind whistling around whiskers short and He keeps saying that it's not that short. And seen through the lens from His height it isn't. The world from His lofty height is indeed a very different world from that of one small slaves it would seem.

All things ended up equal when we returned home. The clothing ended up shoved to one side, the skirt pulled up and the tights pulled down. There were several stinging slaps that landed on the arse before one was held down and roughly fucked over the kitchen bench.
Afterwards one did point out that the thumb shoved equally roughly in the arse might have been unnecessary, to which He replied that it was to make sure that there was no repeat of that time when his aim might have been a little off...
Sighs Master is kind, Master is merciful... Master is not a sadist who likes to hear small squeaks of pain and outrage

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