Saturday, July 5, 2014

Punishment detail

The work colleague bought one small slave a gift back from her cruise. It feels like the beginnings of a chest infection. She came back to work touched stuff, took a turn for the worse and went home for the rest of the week. Leaving one to clean up in her wake and be stuck in cosmetics for the rest of the week dealing with wanty needy women.

Since most of the high end department stores have taken to running on skeleton crews in an effort to stay afloat in the shift to online shopping, many of their customers have taken to visiting us to get their fix of attention. They will spend inordinate amounts of time humming and haring over simple choices like which pink blush to buy. The whole thing is like herding cats...

This is why one doesn't like being hugged... no good ever comes of it :(


lil said...

Oh yes, the "Sharers". Had one of those ladies being so very nice to my kid today...Sigh. It's a whole new month, I should have known the plague was coming again.

Master's piece said...

New month, new disease :(