Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On coffee and slaving

It was, as promised, an early start to the day. Oh there was no sex as threatened. No, what happened was He woke one tripping over something noisy in the bedroom as he snuck back to bed, having most probably been up for hours. For a few minutes one lay there in denial and then the bladder won its personal fight for supremacy and then the need for coffee won over the desire to go back to sleep.

That need for coffee was still strong as one caught up with an acquaintance from the gym. It was our annual "our schedules finally sync up enough to have coffee" get together. It was very nice curled in a patch of winter sun like a lizard on a rock, or in this case a large wicker chair with cushions, imbibing the bean. To a casual observer one would have looked like there wasn't a care in the world.

They would be wrong of course 'cos He had loaned one out to his mother for kit furniture building. It took hours. There were that many screws that the hands needed to be iced afterwards to get the swelling down. Mind you she did feed one homemade soup so it wasn't all bad.
Of course now we have to do a dump run to get rid of the boxes.
Why is it that job list is not getting smaller? Why?
And coming home one might have slipped into the dealer's place of business and these might have followed one home. In fairness one did make some space in the shoe cupboards yesterday. Admittedly that space may have been filled by things waiting to get in there. But the queue was empty so...

Sighs it's not a problem until it takes over your life, it's not a problem...


ancilla_ksst said...

Are those real snakeskin?

Master's piece said...

No and they are not real cowboy boots either. They are, to use that fabulous expression, reimagined by someone far, far away from America. Italy to be precise :D

All joking apart she did have some genuine snake there, but the style was not what one wasn't looking for ;)