Thursday, July 3, 2014

The other side of animal farm

A man joins a group and posts a question so vague as to attract a bored person's attention. So wandering over to their profile they find the very embodiment of a "do me sub". Their profiles have a certain motif, an air if you will. Some of the key features are...

  • A fetish list that is very specific
  • A collection of pictures that have the same very specific nature
  • A list of groups that... you guessed it... are about their particular fetish
  • A few writings bemoaning how they have looked forever for the right fetish delivery system mistress

A state that they don't understand at all, after all they have contacted enough of them and their needs are simple...

  • They want someone who will treat them like the dog/ pig that they are.
  • They want a cruel mistress who will wield her whip at will and bring them to heel when they are bad.
  • They want to be kept in a kennel/ sty and roll around in their own muck, eating out of pails and drinking out of troughs.
  • They fantasise at length about how they will be poorly treated, humiliated on a daily basis and reduced to snivelling, grovelling beasts, all the while whimpering yes mistress.
  • They wax lyrical about how beautiful mistress will be, clad in her boots and latex and how she will never be more terrifyingly real than when she comes towards them, with that look in her eye and a funnel in her hand.

And in return they will be loyal and faithful and... well, mostly just that. At no stage does there seem to be a promise or even a hint that they are willing to do the dull stuff, which might actually be of use to someone. There is never any mention of what skills they may have to offer. Or even of who is going to muck them out, lug the vast amounts of feed to them and hose them off on a regular basis. And make no mistake it will be regular, they want to get fat so they can be verbally humiliated about that as well.
They can't do that if they are running it off...
Though forced exercise in their fetish gear might be hot
Besides dogs and pigs don't clean or do anything practical... obviously rolls eyes

You know a bored person might be left to wonder how many of them would fare after the first crack of the whip lands on their plump little buttocks, but then boredom does lead to a certain level of cynicism...
Why else would Findom (Financial domination) seem so strangely just as a trade off for putting up with these cretins in your inbox day after day?
Sighs Fet, an endless source of bemusement :)


ancilla_ksst said...

I have a lot of uses for a farm slave. Sadly, no fetish delivery system in place or interest in those demands, but Master did say he'd even be willing to flog a guy in exchange for gardening. No takers yet, just one slavegirl (me) to do all the garden.

Master's piece said...

You could start up a boarding kennel... honestly think there could be money to be made. It would be like a gym, where they make their money out of people that never come back after the first visit. Just get your money up front ;)

ancilla_ksst said...

Hmm, that is an idea. Pay up front, stay until you safeword out... yes all "guests"/kennel occupants get safewords. We have a barn. We have kennel runs! We're all set! Ohooo the mosquitoes will drive them insane the first night.

Master's piece said...

LOL See with a bit of careful planning you won't even need to give them their first feed :D