Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Once more to the breach

At the moment we are having a cold snap. It's about 5-6 degrees (40-42 F) and in the minus single digits out west. We have gone from will this summer ever end to winter, literally overnight. So rugged up in clothes that are really not quite adequate for this weather, gloved and scarved one tottered off to the city.

Oh not for anything fun. It was another day of vitamin training. Normally when faced with that there is an awareness that meals will consist of things that no vitamin company should, in good conscience, feed people. This group acts on what it believes. It makes their reps a little zealot like, but it means that the food is bountiful and safe for a gluten free person to eat.

It was a long day...
A day that just wouldn't end...
And just when you thought they had finished, another one would get up to give an empowering speech...
Sighs at one point one did murmur that if we ran for the door they couldn't stop us all

Eventually it ended and armed with a very attractive little bag, a generous amount of product and a migraine, all that high powered zealotry has an immediate response as far as the body is concerned, one tottered home for the return trip.
It was no warmer might one add, but there are products to help fight off the cold that is nearly inevitable after being stuck in a room full of coughing and sniffling for a day :/

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