Monday, July 14, 2014

We are getting better...

So much better in fact that we ventured out to get gluten free bread and fresh peanut butter for one small slave. There was also a little late Yum Cha lunch. It was a very brief and tawdry affair as we were hustled along... makes mental note to self, no late lunches there. By the end though, one was exhausted enough to snooze on the trip home and crawl into bed for three hours of deep sleep.
To be honest one has no idea how one made it through three days of work last week.

All that has been left is that cough. The one that occurs the minute His hand reaches for body parts. He swears it is not his doing, that it is merely an elevated heart rate that kicks it off. Yeah well who does He think is causing the elevated heart rate... huh??? That heart isn't doing it for fun.

Grumbles asshole... who thinks it is hysterical to try and induce a coughing fit when one's arse is wrapped around His dick -.-



Misty said...

*raises hand* I think it's a little funny :)

ancilla_ksst said...

Finally getting better, yay! Maybe you need the healthier climate of Wisconsin, USA.

I bet the coughs are *interesting*.

Amber Wolfe said...

Hi there, new follower here. :) I hope you continue to feel better!

And, I also found it a bit amusing. Mostly because I have so been there. lol.

I love your blog!

brat xx

Master's piece said...

Welcome to the blog Amber Wolfe :)

Amber Wolfe said...

Thank you! :) xx