Thursday, July 31, 2014

A coerced gamer's perspective

Well today was a joy. More things off the" to do" list, which is not getting smaller, including being slipped in on the spot for another breast ultrasound. Honestly you would think that being smeared in warm gel and stroked firmly would be more sexy and yet, all one could do was relate to the cat when caught unexpectedly in a shower of water from the hose. Ewwwwww.... just ewwwww!!!!!

It was enough to make one book not one, but two nights away next week. Honestly being on holidays is not a break. Meals still need to be cooked, endless rounds of dishes still have to be done... actually they seem to pop up more frequently... and dirty clothing seems to mount up quietly when your back is turned.

The only relief was visiting an old school chum of His for dinner. Well that was the ruse. The reality was an evening of gaming. Oh and an invite to join them for their regular Saturday game.
This was in spite of one replying to the question of what's your favourite game, with any game one isn't being forced to play.
His friend thought it was so funny that he had to duck to the bathroom to hurt himself laughing so much...
All you could hear was gales of laughter, interspersed with whimpers of pain

The sounds of pain were very gratifying...
Maybe He is right and never letting one tie him up is the sensible precaution that he has always claimed.
Maybe He is right and we should just stay in the bedroom having sex. At least that doesn't generate quite so many additional things for that damn list.

Sighs He's going to read this and one is going to be subjected to the victory dance...


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