Thursday, July 17, 2014

The annual check in

It has been a strange year in some ways. The weight stabilised and one ended up round about a size 10 (US 6), which is fine as one is only about 162.5 cm tall (about five three and a half). It is worth noting that one is no light weight, hitting the scales at about 66-68 kg (about 146 pounds), mainly due to that high muscle mass. It means that one fails the BMI even though one is about 26 percent body fat. It also means that there is everything from size 6 to 12 in the wardrobe. Gods it would be nice if the fashion industry could agree on what is a standard size... but that is a rant for another time.

Over the last year the body shape has changed quite profoundly even though the weight has remained about the same. The legs are leaner, fat deposits from fingers and toes have disappeared, abs are more clearly defined and one is still getting smaller, even though the scales are staying in place. This is due to more muscle mass going on from the exercise, which ironically there is less of than ever before. LOL figure that one out :D
The skin is still firming up. They say that it takes two years for skin to regain its shape after weight loss and that certainly seems to be true. It is interesting to note that the legs, which have had a massive weight loss, have ended up with no sag at all. Maybe that has something to do with having the largest muscle mass on the body... it's kept everything in place better.
There are now bones ghosting along under the skin and muscle; shades of hips and shoulder blades, edges of rib cages... bones that haven't been seen in nearly fifteen years are seeing the light of day. 
And damn don't those little suckers make life uncomfortable, always getting between you and a hard surface :(

There is more food being consumed; fruit has been added back, three serves of dairy a day and the odd new potato or sweet potato before doing leg work. Mainly 'cos one literally can't get through the programme without them. You don't have to worry about taking this diet too far. The body is marvellously self regulating in some ways. Don't feed it enough of the right things and it simply will refuse to perform... it just waits until you are under something heavy to exact its revenge :)

Of course there has been a downside to all this good news. At the moment, as one mentioned above, the body fat is at about 26 percent, which at this age is considered ideal. It is also that magic number where you seem to catch any bloody virus that is going around. Hopefully that is just an adjustment phase as the body sorts itself out, 'cos if being sick all the time is the price of lean then there is going to be some changes...
In the form of supplements, not donuts...
Sighs wistfully at the thought of a donut, sometimes gluten intolerance sucks

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