Sunday, August 10, 2014

The road to twoo mastery

Staggering out to make coffee one found Him unpacking a game that he bought in error. It seems that they really do all look the same after a while.
How's your game?
We'll find out later on when we play it, He replied
A twoo master wouldn't make one play it in such a weakened and feeble state
No, a twoo master would make you play He retorted
No, a twoo master wouldn't. He would care about one's welfare above anything else
No, a twoo master would make you play it and point out how inconvenient you are being. See I can read Fet too. It's not my fault that you chose to read the wrong groups He added.

Mutters He is just making this shit up... he's too busy hanging geeking out on gaming sites to read Fet


ancilla_ksst said...

The true Master will appear when the student is ready to learn. Isn't that from Karate Kid? It probably applies somehow.

Master's piece said...

Well one does detail the car :)