Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cruel tricks

There was a brief moment today when one was curled up on the lounge imbibing the bean. It was at that instant, when satisfaction has spread and all is right with the world, when He chose to make subtle hints that now would be a nice time for grilled haloumi snacks. So as one was passing in front of Him, legs suddenly shot out catching one between them and the coffee table that takes two people to move. And there one was neatly trapped... not the actions of a man in need of a snack at all.

It did however offer Him a perfect opportunity to land stinging blows upon one's naked arse, thighs and assorted spots that his freakishly long arms could reach. And there wasn't a damned thing one could do to get away from the slaps as they rained in from all directions, turning flesh to shades of pink and scarlet...

Mutters and He wonders why sometimes one is reluctant to jump at his command


ancilla_ksst said...

I wasn't sure if this would make a good blog, but it went along with your story here. I was sweeping the floor with a moping attitude here a couple hours ago and he says to me "Cheer up or you're going to get it". I managed a fake smile and then went back to glower.

"Not good enough" he says.
"Turn around, drop your shorts, bend over".

He lined up a roundhouse kick to my butt (damn taekwando) and then several more, until I was holding the wall to keep balance.

"There you go, all cheery now" he says.

And for some reason I WAS smiling.

Master's piece said...

LOL Why is this stuff always more entertaining and funny when it is happening to someone else? :D