Thursday, August 14, 2014

Relief of a different kind

At the moment our lawns are brown. A sensible thing in this climate would be to put in drought proof gardens and do away with concepts such as green lawns, but as this place was largely settled by the British and people tend to cling to what they know and replicate it, there are lawns. Vast useless stretches of green that, while pretty and soothing to look at, are impossible to maintain in a place that practises water restrictions. This is what one was mulling over while scuttling home at 7.30 last night, having missed the earlier bus due to a customer who just couldn't decide between products A or B, nursing the vestiges of yet another bloody migraine.

The arid nature of this month is what contributes to this rotten run of headaches and migraines. Everything gets too dry, people included. It was while slathering on another layer of moisturiser that one heard a magic sound. It was the gentle fall of rain on a tin roof. Oh not enough to do any real good, but enough to raise the moisture content of the air and enough to make the head clear for a few merciful hours.

In this world you take what you can get :D

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mc kitten said...

hoorah, rain!

this summer and last summer were the first in a quite a while where we didn't have hose pipe bans and drought restrictions and all that.