Friday, August 1, 2014

The cunning escape from gaming

We went out to the doctors where the breasts finally got the all clear, well they aren't, it's just that they are so fibrous and with so much muscle underneath that it can feel like lumps. Anyway for the moment there is no threat of needle biopsies so one is very happy. A world without sharpies or pointies works just fine as a concept as far as one is concerned.

We then wandered down the road and had a delicious breakfast, did a dump run... that had mysteriously grown from a bit of packaging to everything His mother could find, including a wheelbarrow... and grabbed some groceries for tonight's gaming, before going home to contemplate a little lunch before sex and a snooze...
That was when breakfast hit and one spent the next six hours in gastric distress.
No gaming for one small slave...
Of course now one has to go tomorrow, but no gaming tonight.
In this world you have to grab onto the positives with both hands :)

Sighs you know His plan of more sex than anything else doesn't seem to be working, but it is looking better by the minute when faced with this much gaming... oh crap this was some sort of master plan wasn't it



ancilla_ksst said...

Well, yay for all clear boobies anyway!

Master's piece said...

Yeah, and the cholesterol is finally back to normal limits as well. Now it will be interesting to see what it drops to next 'cos one suspects it may well keep dropping. We shall see.