Saturday, August 16, 2014

Conversations with the cat

While one was getting His shirt in, the cat nipped through the door with its own high expectations of service in the form of dinner. Unfortunately one was in the middle of reading something so ignored her... you know cat, lower on the pecking order. Sadly the cat had not got that memo and pursued one into the study to put forth its case for consideration.

Needless to say it finally won its argument. First it sat on the desk, then the paw reached out to bat the face, then the claws appeared, then it reached for the dressing gown... the padding of which might have made one a little braver than normal. Now, one did hang in there. The appearance of the claws was just as one was finishing reading the thread; moving was not bowing to intimidation.

A fact that one did go to great pains to explain that to the cat while going into the kitchen, where it followed to take up a guard position in front of the fridge, as one went to get scissors. Realising that it was about to gets its demands met, it was even prepared to feign interest in one's lecture about being largely immune to both its charms and its persuasion techniques, and how one was far too stubborn to give in that easily and that intimidation was not a good motivator...
When He wandered out of the bathroom and turned to the cat and said, but she does respond to pain quite well.

Sighs how is one ever going to achieve mastery over Satan's spawn our beloved pet if He keeps feeding the enemy our beloved pet information like that? They understand a lot more than they let on...

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