Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On the rise

There is a trend on Fet that one just looks at slightly askance.  It is the belief that all females are inferior to men. Now one tends to expect it from men, well certain ones, but in women it is disturbing. And oddly, or maybe not, it seems to be primarily the proclivity of Americans.

It's disturbing not because it's their belief, but that it raises so many questions when reading them...
How do you acquire such a belief to begin with, is it some sort of post feminist backlash or are these women being raised in a home where this is the norm?
Are these really men home alone?
Are (in a couple of cases) they cycling off their meds?
And lastly and probably the most important, how does someone like that safely navigate the world of BDSM?

If you believe that you are inferior and that all females should submit to all men, how on the gods green earth do you go about choosing someone wisely and well? It just seems so passive... which conversely these women seem to rarely be when confronted with people going um, speak for yourself. What do they do when confronted with this magical, alpha male that they seek? Go out with the first one that says on your knees bitch? How do they avoid those that are potentially abusive and/ or domineering rather than dominant?
Or do they stay behind the comfort of their keyboard preaching their beliefs to all who will listen?

Sighs so many questions pre coffee...


ancilla_ksst said...

I haven't met any of those people in real life. I only see them on Fet. So I have no idea and can't even speculate why/who/what the heck made them so insistent.

But I did see a great bumpersticker puttering around my little town yesterday: "I will be a post- feminist in the post-patriarchy". I think I should buy one for Master's car.

Anonymous said...

If you would like to see feminism/patriarchy logically deconstructed with excellent foot notes, check out Karen Straughan’s YouTube channel. Start from oldest to newest.

Anonymous said...

As for the main topic, a saw is inferior to a hammer if you want to drive a nail. A hammer is inferior to a saw if you want to cut a board. If you want to build something you need both and use them accordingly.


Tamar said...

"Or do they stay behind the comfort of their keyboard preaching their beliefs to all who will listen?" I think you answered your own question there. LOL I call them "Armchair Subbies".

mc kitten said...

i don't care how many fancy metaphors you make with tools, inferior is the wrong word to use.

*deep breaths*

i don't get the people on fetlife either really, I tend to presume it's some kind of fetish and they are labouring under the belief that on fetlife you have to walk the walk and be the role all the time, no willy jokes or recipe swapping allowed. sounds exhausting to me.

Either that or they've been religiously indoctrinated which seems to be quite common for some areas of american judging by many completely vanilla blogs I've read/come across.