Monday, August 4, 2014


It was a strange day; He had a migraine which wiped out most of his day and one small slave scuttled back to the doctors. The ear is feeling funny, which is code for that area may erupt into a major infection at any time. Mostly one wanted a script because we are about to go away for a couple of days. There is nothing more miserable than trying to get in to see a doctor in a strange town or worse, spending hours at an A&E.

He declared that he will be going on holidays. In fact it was strongly intimated that it would be alone if necessary.
Smiling sweetly one pointed out that if one is going to be ill, then a four star hotel with room service is where one wants to be...
There's a much better chance of being fed for starters

Sighs sometimes one suspects He doesn't understand a girl's needs at all...

P.S. There will be place holders put up on the blog for the next couple of days, which will be filled upon our return.  Catch you on the flip side :)

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