Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Comparing two "permanent" plugs

A reader from Berlin "kink capital and fisting central of Europe" had a few questions and it was going to be a lengthy reply... not to mention they were good questions to share... so one thought it easier to do it as a blog post.

XS, Permanent, SM MEO

The reader was curious about the permanent plug and the MEO anal stretching ring. In the past one has compared the permanent plug and the large Njoy and as one commented then, there is little out there that compares them side by side. The same seems to be the case for the permanent plug and the MEOs. In this blog post one is going to comparing the small permanent plug and the XS MEO as they are the closest in size.
As always this is from a personal perspective only and one takes no responsibility for the wonderful differences that make humans unique... not to mention the silly things you readers may try J

Did the closing plug only pop out of the XS MEO or does it do it on all sizes?
The closing plug slipped out due to too much lube and not being pushed in far enough. We found that if it was pushed in firmly until it was slightly below the surface of the outer ring it stayed in. The trouble was that it was very hard to do this when the MEO was in... the whole thing just moved. He said it was because the XS wasn't big enough... well he would wouldn't he L
The other problem with pushing it in that far is that the only way you can remove the plug is to remove the MEO and push it out from the top with some sort of utensil. It was this way for all the sizes of the MEOs. All in all it is not the best closing mechanism on the market, but no one has come up with an ideal solution.

Can the permanent plug slip all the way in and can it be sat down on with the ring shaped plug in?
As one explains below yes it can slip in and no, you cannot sit down easily on the ring. It is just that bit too long for comfort L

Both plugs seem to be a similar size and shape... do they both slip in and how do you get them out if they do?
They are a similar shape... but not identical as you can see from the picture. The curve on the permanent plug is slightly smoother and the lip not quite so pronounced. With the longer closing plug it means that if you sit down on it your arse it is more likely to eat the plug... especially if you are an experienced anal player.

Now this is where we get to the "not for the squeamish" section.
Do not read this if you are easily upset or eating
Stop peeking J

Now a plug slipping in is often the worst fear of all anal players, but usually it is no big deal providing it doesn't slip in too far. Generally the easiest way to remove a plug is to squat down. Now you might give some thought to not doing this over a toilet... those plugs are heavy and come out like missiles. They can crack a toilet as we found to our... expense. Be smart, do it over a floor that can be cleaned or a towel. Bear down gently rather like you were trying to pass a stool. Those muscles combined with gravity will do their job. Do not panic... just persist gently. It will get within reach and...

If you had to choose between the two which one would you choose?
In some ways it is like trying to compare apples and oranges. Yes they are both butt plugs. Yes they are both designed to do similar things. But... there is always one of those... the permanent plug was designed to be used as a convenient enema plug while the other one wasn't designed with that in mind. Personally one loves the permanent plug as an enema nozzle and it is a permanent fixture in the shower attached to its special hose.

Over all the MEO anal stretching ring is a better plug if you want something to wear because it doesn't have that extended closure attached to it. Mind you it doesn't have the convenience of that ring should it get lost.
If one was forced to choose one would say the MEO, but only because it is slightly more practical for long term wear in that you can sit down on it and it is less likely to be eaten J


tadass910 said...

meo all the way using M size not slipping nothing as it has special locking shoulders, but yes if u try using lets say L size and then M again it can slip...

Master's piece said...

After the large almost anything would disappear :D

tadass910 said...

i think same, did u tryed L? me trued but droped it.. i saw in here guy managed to put L http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=je1iK-G858- looks horrible

Master's piece said...

Haven't tried the large. To be honest one keeps looking at it and thinking it might make a good door stop ;)

slartibartfast85 said...

Now, I'm comfortably hetero, but curiousity drove me to look up that video. After seeing the size of the meo large vs the average human, I'm excied. I thing it would look nice in one small slave. Did one ever determine the status of the biggest bus tosser position?

Master's piece said...

It's an unpaid gig... an unpaid gig!

@tadass910 You know looking at that clip and looking at the two plugs sitting here on the desk side by side, one thinks that might have been the med. MEO. The large has a much shorter neck that that one seems to have. Either way it was still pretty impressive the way it slid out and in.

slartibartfast85 said...

Unpaid certainly doesn't mean unpleasurable. I'm fine with being an unpaid volunteer, and in the interest of the other lesser buss-tossers, I must ask when the equine speculum might reappear.

Master's piece said...

LOL Fairly soon... we just need a day that isn't hijacked by other things; road trips, ill health and other people. It takes a bit of time as we don't use muscle relaxants... though looking at that damn thing, they are looking better by the minute :D

slartibartfast85 said...

Pshaw...for something that impressive I might talk to some of my less reputable associates for you.

tadass910 said...

its L 4sure in that vid M is too big in that vid