Monday, June 4, 2012

The end of innocence

It was a lovely day of doing nothing. Well not exactly nothing there was some laundry done and some dishes, a little personal grooming, a few meals... a little book reading. Mostly though it was slothful and for the first time in quite some while the day was not bisected with a nap... hence having time to read a book. All in all it was a fabulous day mainly because it was pain free...

In fact while standing in the shower the thought crossed the mind that it was probably time to get the Njoy back where it belonged. If only because His kindness and patience would soon end and he would want to get back to life as it should be... well it has been five days... that's a lifetime in sex years. That's not to say we haven't been having sex just that the arse hasn't been getting its daily reaming with something... be it Him or steel.

It was as one was having this internal conversation that the shower door opened and He appeared. Speak of the Devil and all that... That was how one ended up pressed up against the very cold tiles as He held one by the scruff of the neck and sodomised the almost virgin again arse. With short brutal thrust that made one cry out He reclaimed what is his.

Afterwards one said thankyou politely, though one did add that gratitude wasn't exactly the emotion that was being experienced at that moment.
Why not He exclaimed, I was restrained.
Yes He was... and he still made the poor little thing bleed L

And for the record that bloody Njoy is damned uncomfortable after nearly a week's absence. 

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