Friday, June 29, 2012

The homecoming

Struggling through the door juggling bags and His clean work shirt one noticed that the kitchen bench was covered in bubble wrap. Following the trail around one spotted the pair of knee pads that He mentioned ordering had arrived. Hanging His shirt up and tossing the bag down one idly thought that is a lot of wrap for a pair of knee pads... bless the Americans and their desire to wrap the world in plastic... and tape. Wandering a little closer one noticed that the pads were very well made and the thought crossed the mind, shit He must be planning on finally using his stockade. An item that has until now lounged against the wall in nonchalant disuse... it's sort of the equivalency of genteel decay for sex toys around here.

Glancing over to the coffee table one noticed another array...

More attachments for the Neon Wand... some of you may still have fond memories of one small slave's squeaks of displeasure to that horrible toy...
In fact may one take a moment to express just how much one hates electrical play of any kind.
For some reason electricity just loves one small slave.
That feeling is not reciprocated.

The sound of opening night fireworks (the local Annual Show started with the usual bang) woke Him up and he staggered out to find one glaring at the new additions...
Thanks for the knee pads
Yeah I thought they might come in useful when I try out the attachments... maybe next weekend since you have the Sunday off. He mimicked happy little bzzzzzzt bzzzzt sounds
You know, one had more of a lazy Sunday breakfast in mind
Oh we can still do that. A nice full tummy should slow you down enough that I can catch you without too much effort



Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

I loved that response - kind of like a last dinner, eh?

Master's piece said...

~Looks miserable and nods~

ancilla_ksst said...

I'm a'feared of electricity. So sorry. :(