Sunday, June 17, 2012


For a long time now we have been looking for the perfect anal plug for wearing to work. We have lots of plugs... as you may have noticed... but none of them are suitable for that environment because work presents some rather unique issues and so does the body itself. Work is extremely hot and fast paced and we walk miles... all of it at a near run. In an average shift we do about 6-8000 paces. They reckon 10 000 paces a day is what you need to maintain a healthy weight... though oddly enough, most of us exercise as well to stay fit enough for the job. In addition to that we move stock that comes in on pallets... what happened to the genteel pace that our industry was noted for L

To actually get to the bathroom from our place is an art form of dodging customers and finding someone to man your section. Added to that is the issue that there is nowhere to keep a purse or bag so there is nowhere to put anything a girl might need... and there simply isn't enough time to get to the lockers at the other side of the store if you are just nipping out. This means that there is nowhere to stash some wipes or lube so that they can be taken with you should you need to replace or reposition a butt plug. It also means the plug has to be comfortable, light and small enough to be stashed in a pocket (in a plastic bag) if there are any issues. You are getting the idea... hot, fast, awkward and no privacy whatsoever.

These issues combined with a well padded and muscled posterior has made wearing the usual plugs like the Njoy or the Rosebud nearly impossible, particularly as three of the four shifts are 12 hours long when combined with travel time. The bases are too wide on the Rosebud and you get tearing of the external area of the arse caused by the constant tugging motion that walking produces. Sweat and steel also make for an uncomfortable sensation and rubbing. They are both too large to pop in a pocket... not to mention the weight pulls your pants down as you scamper back from the bathrooms J

Se we needed something that was light weight, small enough to fit in a pocket and with a narrow base... but not so narrow that the arse could eat it like it did with that cute little Rosebud. And we found it J

Introducing the Bootie by the Fun Factory
  • Made from high grade silicone
  • Flexible
  • Small enough to fit in a pocket in an emergency

This plug was extremely comfortable to wear. Its smooth, flexible shape made for easy insertion and it stayed in place without tugging at sensitive areas as one ran around like a mad thing at work. The base was long enough that it couldn't be eaten by the arse and being silicone there was no discernible rubbing or chaffing. Of course He looked at its relatively small size and asked does your arse even know that it's there?
Well yes it did thank you very much... nothing jammed up your arse feels that comfortable...

Now all one has to do is find the perfect lube... so expect a few reviews on those things to come J


Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

In case you had any doubt, I greatly enjoy your reviews of various products - this one especially was both useful and had me laughing a bit.

BasketCase said...

With all these reviews on the cards, I'm guessing the Equine Speculum will be in there too?

T said...

Funny enough, I just ordered the same one in black this week. Still waiting for it to show up though. Is it as comfortable as I am hoping?

Anonymous said...

Nice picture and thanks for the toy review may have to add one of those to our collection.

Master's piece said...

@T It really is that comfortable :)

T said...

It showed up today, what a weird coincidence that we picked the same one.

ancilla_ksst said...

It's very cute. However, my Master has shown absolutely no interest in butt plugs for me, especially not for long term wear, thankfully.