Thursday, June 14, 2012


There is a growing pile of toys near the coffee table that needs to be dealt with. They are clean and packed in their boxes, having had their photos taken and been used... well the odd one is still to be used... but the others need to be put into the boxes under the bed. Before the piles start to resemble some architectural nightmare... one that may fall at any time and crush some passerby.

It was the contemplation of this job that was on the mind as He came up behind the chair one was occupying and reached over to grope body parts in an affectionate manner. Taking the moment of opportunity one nuzzled His arm and said... ever so casually... ummm so is it OK to find the paddle a home? Nuzzle, nuzzle, kiss, kiss. See it was on top of the pile and somewhat on the top of one's mind. It is quite nasty and you don't really want to hurt one like that again. Nuzzle, nuzzle, a few more kisses thrown in...

He laughed, tweaked the nipples (rather more viciously than was necessary one thought) in passing and said no.
Be reasonable one said, it's a horrid toy... not to mention it was bought as a prop.
Tell you what He says in his best let's make a deal voice, I'll hit you with it 100 times and you can get rid of it.
What? All at once?
Yes all at once He replied.
How is that reasonable?
Well it could have been daily He said.
That's not reasonable. In fact one suspects that word doesn't mean what you think it means...
He smiled and shrugged and walked off

In the end it was Him who found a home for it...
Of course its final resting place was here...
He is of the opinion that a few random whacks with it could prevent bad behaviour in the future.

You know in hindsight where one might have gone wrong was promising to never be bad again. It gave Him hope... and aspirations and stuff...
That toy needs to disappear...
It is close to the edge... it could fall down the back of the bed. Out of sight out of mind... surely?

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