Sunday, June 3, 2012


His hand reached out lazily to pinch a nipple and being tired and not really thinking, one slid a hand in to protect it from the assault...
What do you think you are doing He enquired.
Ummm... protecting the property?
Yes, it is the first duty of a slave to protect the property.
No, it isn't He laughed. Your first duty is to obey your Master.
No, according to Fet...
If you bring that trash into the bedroom He cut in, you will not be reading Fet anymore.
But it's such a source of information and inspiration... already one could feel oneself losing that particular argument, but it was very late and the logic skills were fading, along with any desire to be awake.

Gathering one up in His arm, he tucked one against his shoulder. Snuggling against Him one sighed with contentment... right before realising one was now trapped. His arm curled across one's chest and his fingers reached up to grasp the nipple in a vice like grip. Whimpering in pain one squirmed in his arms to no effect.
Master that hurts
Yes, He said in that infuriating, calm voice. But you're getting wet.
Yes you are He asserted.
He rolled over and slid his fingers into the betraying cunt
See, He said as he rolled back, still keeping one tucked into his shoulder.

All the while one lay there in His arms writhing, whimpering and getting more aroused...
He lay there masturbating; tweaking and tugging at the nipple with increasing force, aroused by the small, animalistic noises of pain...
The little moans and yips of pain a backdrop to the rhythmic stroking of His cock...
Until at last He came and rolled over to go to sleep
Leaving one soaking wet and throbbing with a mixture of pain and pleasure.


Conina said...

Oh, wow.

That's very squirmy and yummy and... evil.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Wow - the way you describe it. Being a slave - it sounds so, you know. Frustrating.

Whyever do you do it? (Impish grin.)

Fondlers Anonymous said...

Ouch. And Yum!