Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mad panic

We went to bed together... it was time for Him to go to sleep before night shift and one small slave needed a restorative nap. Rolling over, one sighed and snuggled down... drifting off into the most perfect, deep sleep.
Only to wake some time later with a sense of disorientation.... something was wrong.
The clock read 4.30 and yet it seemed too light outside. What was wrong? He was still in bed... that's what was wrong. The clock had malfunctioned again. He should have been at work hours ago judging by the light peeping round the curtains. Shit He was supposed to start at midnight. Why hadn't work been on the phone... it was probably in the bottom of His bag and we probably couldn't hear it ringing.
Starting bolt upright one reached out to nudge Him...
Wake up, we've overslept... you should have been at work hours ago

I don't have to be awake until 10pm was the sleepy response

It was 4.30...
In the afternoon.

Later on, as He was walking out the door to work, he said I will eventually forgive you for waking me up like that.

This is going to cost a fuck ton of sexual favours isn't it?

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