Thursday, June 28, 2012

Conversations with Master

This is for those of you that wonder what two INTJ’s talk about...

Do you ever look at some posts and just go WTF? This is just insane.
If you wrote about your life people on Fet would think it was insane too He said
Oh please, our life is depressingly normal
Really He said, eyebrow raised
OK it is not quite like some, but overall it is. We work, pay taxes...
All insane people think they are normal He replied with a smirk
Do you look in this direction and think she is insane?
No, not really, but I’m not sure I am He replied
You seem pretty normal from here
Well we haven’t established you are capable of judging that have we?

Sighs see what one has to deal with?


ancilla_ksst said...

What's wrong with being slightly insane? You know, as long as you can function and get stuff done.

NZ Rubber said...
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NZ Rubber said...

He is being perfectly logical of course.

(I am also an INTJ and lover of all things anal)