Saturday, May 5, 2012

Basic etiquette

The great joy and frailty of Fet is that anyone can start a group... about whatever they like. Well unless it is something that contravenes the banks preferences... but that is a rant for another time. This is about all of that delicious freedom... the one to form what you will and the one that allows the group owners to set who is welcome and who isn't. Unfortunately this is also about the other kind of freedom... the one that makes unwelcome guests land on your doorstep.

They do this because they have a very open interpretation of rules... that is to say they don't think they actually apply to them. Now for the longest time one thought these people did this because they didn't have the brains to actually read the rules. Over time though, one came to think that maybe that wasn't the case. Why would they be in a text laden format if they couldn't read?

Then one came to realise it was the same missionary like zeal that sends certain church members scampering across our lawn, in spite of large and clearly posted signs reading "Beware of Dog". It's not that they can't read. Rather it's simply that they believe their message is so important that the warnings simply can't apply to them. Sort of like an exemption...

In our group Goreans are not very welcome... this may seem odd considering they are in many ways so closely aligned with O/p philosophically. Unfortunately it proved to be a necessity over time. Mainly because some of them just can't help themselves and they have to spoil it for others. It is the same almost evangelical zeal that some of them approach spreading the word of Gor that starts it all. Oh it begins innocently enough with broad sweeping statements, but it invariably ends up with their breathtaking displays of honour and responsibility... and all round specialness.  

The stupid thing is that this special breed of online charmer must make life so difficult for those perfectly nice, sane Goreans who just putter along going about their business, sharing their lives without bringing the Tarn to the table. Of course we don't get those ones... because they don't think they have an exemption. No, we get the other kind... we get the ones who do bring their Tarn to the table and expect us to be happy to feed it. Most of the time they don't seem even realise they have brought the damn thing... which is disturbing in its own right, but we won't go there either.

It's not all bleak though. Unlike the perfectly nice Goreans, who have to rub shoulders with their offensive cousins on Gor related boards and groups, we don't have to. Our freedom means we doesn't have to embrace inclusiveness...
Goes and quietly unlatches the door for the dog... she needs some exercise J


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

The actual sad part is that I was monitoring that thread as I found it both entertaining and informative.

The good news is that I am more informed today than yesterday about what a Gorean is - education always has value at some point, I suppose.

Sorry this is happening to you - these kind of things always bother me more than they should when they happen to me.

Master's piece said...

To be honest the real bother is that after spouting off about all that honour, high standards and responsibility, the charmer doesn't have the balls to come back and go ooopsie, sorry. Rather he ignores us, stays in the group and you can just bet he will come back at some later date to be a pest again :(

MsSparkles said...

It never ends does it? Sigh.

Master's piece said...

And right on cue back he comes... they are like rain :(