Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today was supposed to involve going to the movies, but after taking one look the grumpy, washed out creature that emerged from the black gaming cave, formerly known as the bedroom, He relented and suggested a day at home. We are supposed to go out tonight... we will see if we both make it. That virus kicks hard... not as hard as the first time round, but hard enough. In fact the achievement for the day was a shower.

Standing there in the cascading water, unmolested by Him... boy is he ever letting one off the hook... performing the other shaving rituals one thought how nice was to be clean. Actually one thought how nice it would be to feel that way everywhere. So taking some lube one carefully lubed up both the tight little arsehole and the enema plug. Inserting it in gently, one then turned the splitter valve on and allowed warm water to circulate everywhere... inside and out.

Tottering back to the bedroom with a warm Njoy inserted one lay on the bed feeling clean and floaty...

He casually reached out a hand to tweak a nipple as he paused his gaming.
Are you going to put your money where your hand is?
Are you actually up for that, He parried.
There was a little bit of rummaging around under the covers for a minute...
Well it is very wet.
What caused that He enquired, looking ever so more interested that a couple of minutes before.
Um... well it might have been the butt plug in one's arse or it might have been the enema before that.
He peered down from his lofty height and said you are such an arse slut.

Maybe, but one was an arse slut who got to have a hell of an orgasm, masturbating while He tortured one's nipples, before rolling over and going straight to sleep.

Apparently this means He is "owed one"... given his rates of interest one feels he might make on the deal L

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