Thursday, May 31, 2012

A small confession

A certain someone (who shall remain anonymous) asked the question, why do you read blogs?
Well the truth is one really doesn't read that many of them. There is a blog list that has some interesting blogs on it. Usually the people one follows are inconsistent producers, who write once in a blue moon and following them is the only way to know when they have committed fingers to keyboards.
Oh and there is the odd blog written by people who are a bit more prolific that one knows from around, and the odd one that is interesting visually or has quirky content who should be shared... they are on the blog roll... but generally that introversion runs deep. It even extends to adding people to the blog roll because one supposes that not everyone wants to be added to the blog roll of a person who has such high sex content. And unless they too have sexual content or there is some way to contact them, one is inclined to assume that here is the last place they want people coming from.

Add to that the fact that many of the blogs found... well they are not really one's cup of tea. It is not always the writers fault... as they say in the classics it's not them, its one small slave. Sometimes the style of writing makes the blog hard to read and sometimes blogs are written to expel emotional demons... to externalise feelings about things going on in their lives... As a complete introvert all that emotional stuff just makes one acutely uncomfortable. Reading it leaves one with no clear idea what one is supposed to do with all that information. In fact one isn't quite sure why they have the compulsion to share to begin with or why they seem so popular as a format. See introverts don't always get you extroverted types at all J

Mind you, some probably have just as much difficulty with this rather anal focused and often tongue in cheek blog. Let's be honest dry is not everyone's cup of tea J


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

I love being on your blog roll and I love reading your blog.


lil said...

Oh I was happy when my little corner popped up on your blogroll.
I remember calling Alpha over, "See, see, that's me on the sidebar of one of my very favorites!"

He of course rolled his eyes and wandered off ignoring my moment of glory...

Conina said...

I get this. I didn't see this when you posted it for some reason, but... I'm so incredibly cautious about even commenting on other people's blogs because of the high (high, high) explicit sex content on mine. I get the feeling a lot of folks really prefer not to be exposed to such things.

But that may just be me.

danae said...

Now see I have always been under the impression that writing about sex more - gives you more readers. When I write about sex and SM - my stats go up. I know that when I started writing more just general thoughts about slavery my readership went down.

Mostly when I am looking for blogs to read I gravitate towards blogs that comes across as based in reality - they mix the kinky fun with daily life. You do that :)

Master's piece said...

@lil They just suck the moments dry sometimes don't they :(

As for the sex...
Well generally one notices those who write about sex are often the more prolific writers. Round here if you cut out the sex then there would be days where nothing of note happened :D
As for the stats... well there doesn't seem to be such a correlation, but then one small slave's arse is out there having this independent life, hanging out with a very fast, young crowd... judging by what it brings here and from where. In fact one suspects that one could never write again and it would still be at it, all over the world. It's a sad thing when your arse makes you superfluous :)