Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shower scene

Standing in the shower legs spread apart, one peed into His outstretched cupped hand, while being gently held in place by his teeth in one's neck. As one finished He slid his fingers up into the moist crevices of the cunt and nipped the neck a little harder, before spinning one around up against the cool tiles. Spreading the arse cheeks out of the way He forced up inside. Wrapping an arm over the left shoulder, He grasped the right nipple in his fingers and squeezed it in a vice like grip. It left one immobilised; pinned between Him and the wall while he fucked one's arse.
Hard enough for you?
Yes Master.
He came and edged one out from under the water and out of the shower.
Deposited outside of the shower one could feel a steady twinge in the nipple and where He had been in one's arse... 
While the cunt pulsed with a rhythm of its own.


Lynn said...

Thank You! You just made a boring afternoon more fun!!

Fondlers Anonymous said...

Short and Sweet. Just nice for a bedtime story. :)

ara said...

mmmm, I can imagine.. it so vividly