Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More glass than class

There are that many glass toys around here... some of them never used... for a reason we will get to shortly... they almost warrant a box of their own. Some of them are fabulous, some of them... usually ones chosen by Him might one add... the arse just looks at and goes oh heck no. And it's not always the ones you think are going to be a problem.

As you can see this little baby isn't that big, it's only about 5cm (about 2"), but it would not go in past a certain point. And it was so bloody frustrating... the damn arse ate a bat like it was the contents of a desert trolley and yet looked at this and just clammed up L
Today it was of a different persuasion... maybe it was feeling obliging after the lovely juicer of yesterday...
Today it slid in... A little too fast actually... which nearly brought a tear to the eyes... and had to be pulled out while the arse adjusted itself. Well more He adjusted it by putting most of his hand up there. But after that, it slid in without a complaint.

It was a peculiar feeling... like the MEO stretching rings it felt like one was opened up in all the wrong places. Yes, the arse does have views on what feels right... no, it doesn't get much say... though it can refuse to comply quite categorically at times J Normally the feeling of fullness is inside rather than like this... It is quite different from a butt plug in that it has a wide neck and it made one feel very... open and exposed, for want of better words.

That peculiar feeling was exacerbated when He started to spank one's arse with heavy handed slaps, while the plug was in. The sensation travelled through the skin and to the plug. It vibrated... in a most interesting way. It felt rather like a tuning fork... one plunged inside of the body. As one said it was peculiar... though worth a try simply because it is different.

The vibrations left the arse feeling relaxed and very sensitive. When He pulled the plug out to cum in it one could feel the sensations more than usual. There was great pulsing, shooting waves of cum... and one could feel them as they splashed inside one's arse. Fortunately the plug was there to shove back in when He finished... there was rather a lot of it.

So there... one difficult glass plug down. Next challenge...
Oh wait; He has its very large cousin somewhere under the bed. Maybe the arse will have a relapse...
Whispers well one can hope, surely?

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