Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Given the bum(s) rush

The aptly named Bum Rush is the name of this toy by Rascal, the people who make the Strapping Balls. Made of high grade silicone this red beauty is deceptive. As you can see from the picture with the golf ball it is larger than it appears. In fact it has an insertable length of 15cm (approx. 8.5") and is 5.25cm (approx. 2.1") in diameter. That doesn't sound so bad until you know that it is about the same size as one's wrist J

The pros:
  • Easy to clean silicone
  • It's large
  • Smooth, graduated shape for easy insertion
  • It's red so it will go faster...

The cons:
  • It is large J 

We bought this ages ago... and it has sat in a toy box ever since. Time... there just aren't enough hours in a day to cram in as much sexual activity as we would like J So today was a red day in the bedding department and one thought a colour coordinated toy was a good idea. That is the story one is sticking with at any rate... OK it was more one had it in the hand and wandered into the bedroom and thought, oh that will match J

So how did it feel you may be wondering? Ah well... large is a very good description. The only trouble... if that is the right word... was that due to its shape the arse sucked it in faster than it could adjust to the girth. The sheer amount of pull that sphincter muscle can exert is staggering. In fact at one point one had to haul the damn thing out to give it time to adjust to the girth.
It's quite disturbing how the body will quite happily hurt itself given the right toy. Honestly one has always laid claim to being a bit more masochistic that some, but one is starting to suspect that some body parts are actually more masochistic than others... oh the folly of newly rediscovered youth J

Once in it was surprisingly comfortable. The comfort was partly due to the shape with the smaller neck and partly due to the material being not as ridged as some things. In fact one lay there quite relaxed and happy while He nipped around taking photos...
Far more than were needed...

So the upshot of all of this...
It was a surprisingly comfortable, large toy. It is well worth the money if you are looking for an addition to your toy box... and can stop your partner from running away at the sight of it in real life. It might not be first date material, but maybe second or third... with the right person J


Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

LOL: It's red so it will go faster...

I honestly stared at that sentence for like two minutes trying to figure out what "red" was code for. Yes, I am a bit too tired today.

Nice review that I will not be sharing with H. ;)

Master's piece said...

LOL You know one is starting to suspect that some of you use the reviews here as a sort of "what not to wear guide" :D