Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kinklab forceps

These arrived a while ago and we simply hadn't had enough hours in a day to try them out. Today was their day in the sun J

  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to sterilise
  • Removable rubber tips
  • Those rubber tips are ridged so once they clamp on they stay there
  • Three lockable positions
  • Will grab almost any flesh with a vice like grip

  • There is no escape J
  • These little puppies bite
  • Not a lot of room for the flesh unless you remove the rubber tips

Perfect for those who like to do medical play or simply torture their partner, Kinklab forceps are a handy addition to any toy box. They have an unbelievably good grip on flesh... even moist skin. That means they will hold lips, tongues...
Just think of the possibilities J


slartibartfast85 said...

So in your personal opinion, +++ or ---? By the way, if you take the rubber inserts out and put rubber bands slightly above the finger holes, those are piercing forceps... just saying... ;)

Master's piece said...

Well until you pulled out the sharpies and pointies one would have said a bit of fun and handy things to have. Now, one is looking at them in a whole new light :P

slartibartfast85 said...

I only noticed because the first or second time I got my tongue pierced, the piercer, likely very high, had forgotten the jewelry and had me hold the forceps while he went to find it, which gave me adequate time to take in the whole apparatus. While the needle was still sticking through my tongue no less. It's not so bad though. The piercings sting something fierce, but after that they're quite nice. By the way, your last picture was quite flattering. I like seeing inside of people... I say again ;)

Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

How happy am I that H has NOT had time to read other's blogs. Today, looking at this one, VERY happy.

Is it bad that I want one now? I didn't when you showed the nipple, but actually, the labia intrigued me.

Fuck, what is happening to me?

Master's piece said...

@slartibartfast85 LOL Sorry had this vision of you pulling your tongue out and going cross eyed trying to get a better view :D

@Kitty You know the first sign you are falling down the rabbit hole is that you start to lose your sense of self preservation...
The next is showing this blog to your nearest and dearest...

slartibartfast85 said...

He is quite the photographer. That last pic is pure gold.

tadass910 said...

nice pussy:)