Sunday, November 24, 2013

50 Shades of Geek

Today, with great anticipation in our hearts, we scampered off to see The Day of the Doctor at the movies. We dragged ourselves out into the seething mass of humanity that is a shopping centre, with good air conditioning, on an incredibly hot and humid day. The cool was something of a bonus, truth to be told we would have still done it if it had been in the single digits outside.

Why you may be wondering? Ah well it was in 3D and as anyone knows 3D makes everything better. No not really, but what good geek can resist? He certainly couldn't so neither could one small, slightly geeky slave.

There might have been a little Christmas shopping done on the way and there might have been a pair of shoes and an unnecessary dress make it into the bag. Well the shoes were necessary. It's what happens when you buy a pink dress on a whim... have you people any idea how many shades of pink there are? And they are all the wrong shade for the shoes at the moment. That is why the shoes might be a glittering rainbow of sequins.

Sighs now if you will excuse one small shoephile a cull is in order... actually it's a necessity L


lil said...

Not only did you get to go see it in theaters, you got to see it in 3d?! I am soo jealous...

Master's piece said...

LOL You are such a geek :D