Friday, November 1, 2013

True love

He has something of a chocolate addiction. To be honest one had no idea how bad it was until our first Easter when one got to witness Him nibble, munch and graze His way through a kilo egg. He was slightly dizzy towards the end there and even that didn't stop him. Well, lesson learnt. After that one did not buy Him one of those ever again.

On this diet one of the things He had to do was to give chocolate up. It's just too high in calories, fat and carbohydrates. It was an ugly process as He has to work with the stuff and it is always talking to him in slithery tongues. It was all going swimmingly until the advent of the high protein sports bars. They all seem to be covered with a thin veneer of chocolate.

Now here is where one would like to say that sports bars are a special kind of evil. Not only are they full of things that the body doesn't need, but they are often full of artificial sweetners that cause issues of their own. If you are prone to a sweet tooth they will increase it over time and being artificial, they increase the level of sweetness your body will crave.

Needless to say He adopted them. They went from being a convenient form of protein if we were out to a permanent fixture... to the tune of nearly a box every couple of weeks. He went from rarely craving something sweet to fighting the itch every single day. And the voices got louder too. Some people are not good with a little of what they fancy. Addicts in their many forms are usually one of those groups of people one suspects.

This unfortunate state of affairs led to Him swearing off chocolate again for his own good. Now where is all this going you may be wondering? Ahhh... well... one of us on a couch craving chocolate and not the one you would think. It was so bad that He actually went out and bought one a small bar of the stuff.

A small bar one ate as fast as possible... ate all of it in fact when normally one would have left half of it for later. At any moment one expected to be pounced on and have it snatched away, but no He restrained himself, though he did ask that one get rid of the wrapper and the smell.
Now that people is true love in action J


ancilla_ksst said...

That is sweet!

Master's piece said...

You are such a romantic at heart :)