Friday, November 8, 2013


Well one small slave tottered to the gym to begin the new programme. Looking back now, from the comfort of the office chair, one has to say that was where it all went wrong. Honestly one should have stayed on the couch where it was nice and safe and completely nonthreatening... well apart from Him appearing. That little occurrence makes any room or surface unsafe, but one does digress.

As a person one is quite fit and strong. There is a lifetime of exercise under the hood and years of muscle built up. Muscle that, might one add, was strangely absent during some of the new programme. Honestly when one is reduced to four sets of two of something, things are... well... pretty darn feeble. And frankly the PT's suggested ten reps was laughable... well it would have been if one actually had that much air to spare.

Of course to add insult to injury, as one was straddled across His lap recounting this little tale of woe...
A state that was making one uncomfortably aware of some muscles that had been heavily involved with staying perched on top of one of those stupid fitness balls during some of the other exercises...
He was laughing.

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Neale Wolfson said...

Actually i comserate, having just taken up cycling again, I feel my state is currently less than when I was a child. Always taking up new exercise is difficult. (Hey when did I stop being a child? :)