Monday, November 4, 2013

A date with a professional sadist

Personally one has long held the belief that all inquisitors come back in this life as personal trainers. It's one of the many reasons that one generally peruses gym work solo... well that and the fact that He refuses to join one in those pursuits. In spite of one's best endeavours though, once in a blue moon one finds oneself in their clutches. It's usually in the form of a programme change.

So off one scampered to deliver oneself at the appointed hour. After losing 20 kgs it is time to focus on a bit more tone rather than size. Besides after replacing the wardrobe three or four times in the last year one is loath to do it again, particularly back in the other direction. Call a girl vain if you will J

After an hour in that mans clutches may one just take a moment to say...
Ow! Ow fucking ow!
And the real work hasn't even begun. That was just the run through L


Phoebe Bernstein said...

Would you be please enlighten your newer followers to the meaning of the L and J?

Master's piece said...

Ahh... forget that those don't come out on things like phones. Its this :(

Phoebe Bernstein said...

Love it - thanks! Keep up the good work.