Monday, November 18, 2013

And so it continues

We did the smart thing though...
We medicated them within acceptable parameters, fed them and then fled for an evening without them. One very stylish master and one very hot red frock and impossibly high heels later we almost felt human. It lasted all the way to the pub, which does very good food and has an extensive gluten free menu, where we encountered the bar staff from hell. Well it was more some work release programme.

Putting in an order for a glass of wine one was met with a blank stare. What he said looking confused.
It's wine.
He looked around blankly.
Its white wine, it's probably in the fridge.
A few seconds of rummaging produced a bottle that he brandished triumphantly. There was an inch left in it. Not enough he said dolefully.
By then the eyebrows must have reached the hairline.
He peered back at the fridge and said no more with a helpless shrug of his shoulders.

By then one had lost any desire for a drink with dinner (though the desire to smack the man behind the bar with the nearly empty bottle was strong) and had water instead. It was a shame 'cos the pork with an apple cider BBQ sauce would have been complimented by a glass of something admirably.
Still it was an excellent dinner and there wasn't a Zimmer frame in sight...
In this world you take your wins where you can J


lil said...

Wanders off wondering what the "acceptable parameters" of medicating children is.

You might be on to something here...

ancilla_ksst said...

Lil- video games ;)