Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aversion therapy

Sitting sorting out the stockings, fishnets, footless tights, opaques and textured pantyhose one bemoaned their breeding habits.
How did this happen one lamented loudly
Um... they were on sale, you liked the colour, they had a nice pattern, they would go with such and such He offered helpfully
That really isn't much help at all. Look if one so much as goes near another pair, you are to smack the hand and go no, firmly.

He stalked over to where one was kneeling, surrounded by labelled boxes desperately trying to file them so they could be found when needed, grabbed the collar and pushed one's nose into a box, while delivering several stinging smacks on the arse. No, He said firmly.
That was not quite what one had in mind
No? Aversion therapy has been proved to be a successful deterrent He said.
Sighs one can't help but feel this is like smacking a puppy, after it has peed on the floor.


mc kitten said...

lol, you had to ask!

ancilla_ksst said...

Is it working yet?

Master's piece said...

Squirms uncomfortably um... let's just say that there seems to be an unfortunate puddle on the floor shall we?