Saturday, May 17, 2014

Caught unawares

Leaning on the kitchen bench one small slave was busy contemplating the navel, as you do late at night, not really paying attention to where He was. It was a rookie mistake one is the first to admit, but it was short lived because out of nowhere He appeared. Standing next to one He leant, with his elbow firmly between one's shoulder blades, leaving his other hand free to roam as one lay there pinned down.

Along the base of the spine it travelled until reaching the conveniently exposed arse. The hand paused to slip and explore the contours of a cheek, before moving to the other one. It massaged gently. Back and forth, up and down. Soft, but firm stokes that relaxed and soothed.

And all the while the brain was screaming watch out, He's going to strike.

In spite of that warning the arse relaxed becoming soft and pliant under His hand.  The knees lost their rigid pose. The shoulders lost their resistance against the bench. Back and forth, up and down continued the hand.

And still the brain screamed any minute now...

He patted the arse gently and left to continue getting ready for work.



ancilla_ksst said...

LMAO. After that treatment I'd be begging for the painful part.

Master's piece said...

So was the arse. Damn thing doesn't have the brains to save itself :(