Wednesday, May 7, 2014


You know people watching on Fet is fascinating and best of all the coffee is free... well sort of... shall we say reasonably priced? Anyway one does digress, back to the people. To be honest one doesn't contribute much to Fet these days. There are issues with the site that makes one very reluctant to create content for them and assorted privacy issues that they refuse to address, but again one does digress.  What one does do on Fet though, is read a fair bit and be endlessly entertained without engaging with the stupid. Honestly one is not as masochistic as some things on here would lead you to believe :)

What does fascinate, after spending many years on there, is how people have evolved. Those who had the biggest problem with the Op crowd, and engaged in some of the bloodiest dust ups, have moved further along the spectrum to become one of us. Oh not officially, they haven't made bosom buddies with members or joined the group...take that back one of them has just joined (probably with no memory of the 16 rounds they went with one of the groups former mods)... but you find them on other threads squeaking me too, me too. It's just like that for us...
And it always leaves one to wonder what happened in the intervening years? Did they become involved with different people? Have they had a radical change of heart? Or have they actually progressed along some continuum and morphed into a more radical form of themselves?

The implications of that last one are interesting...
For years we have snickered at those nine levels of submission things, but maybe they had a point... albeit buried under a thick layer of something. Or perhaps what one is witnessing is another event altogether. Perhaps time drives polarities in people or maybe the net makes us move along, becoming more extreme in an endeavour to separate ourselves from the hoi polloi?
Meh more questions than coffee this morning :)


ancilla_ksst said...

I nominated you for a Liebster award.

mc kitten said...

speaking for myself, I know I didn't fully 'get' consensual non consent. Or rather, I got the concept when it applied to things like whatever sex at whatever time, but not the bigger things outside of the bedroom - being miserable about disliked tasks and so on. I would find it quite difficult to read about it.

Further down my own private rabbit hole and I'm deeply into emotional masochism and fear play, my kinks and tastes have definitely developed and darkened and escalated. Which is slightly concerning, but oh well..