Friday, May 30, 2014

The colour purple

A friend, and one does use that term loosely after this incident, sent Him a link to all things purple. That's right, some person set up a store simply named The Purple Store
It is a store that contains all manner of things, all coloured...
You guessed it; purple.

Now generally one thinks that any long term couple shape, mould and tweak their partner. It's done quite subconsciously as a rule. In O/p M/s relationships it is quite often more overt and deliberate. It's one of those ideas that make outsiders extremely uncomfortable as a rule. 

But the whole purple thing is funny. Its light hearted and it makes them overlook that a favourite colour is a fundamental thing.  Oh it might change with time, but most people have a firm favourite...
For the record it's red dammit!
So rather than be appalled, many of our friends become His co-conspirators :(

He amused himself for some time calling out suggestions; how about a new bathrobe? It was however when He moved on to the idea of replacing the coffee mugs with ones marked I <3 purple to reinforce the idea on a daily basis that got a bite...
He threatened the coffee mugs...
It's akin to threatening the coffee

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