Saturday, May 31, 2014

The birthday present

Our workplace is strangely harmonious for a bunch of girls. Hell most of them have been there a long time. There has however, been one fly in the ointment of serenity. They are the lying, weasel faced, run to the boss to complain type that is universally disliked by everyone, everywhere.

There has been one bright spot this week though; they are leaving. They have found another job to set themselves on the path to management. Not that most of us think they will last in their new job, eminently well qualified to be middle management though they are, as work is not one of this persons strong suits. What is it about middle management that seems to attract that type? Anyway musings on their qualifications aside that is not what this is about.

No this is about the dinner the girls were planning for one's birthday. In the seven years that one has worked with them, this will be the first birthday that has actually fallen on a workday. So feeling magnanimous one told the manager when it was so she could get them cake. It sort of grew into dinner when she realised that one couldn't actually eat the cake. Why one isn't sure. Surely the cake would be better on their hips than one's own? Anyway again this is not what this is about either...

This is about the rat faced team member deciding that it would be just easier to link their farewell to that get-together and doing it as one dinner. The girls came scuttling over to see if one was going to object, which part of them would have been thrilled about. The other part was praying that one would agree. Oh not for work place harmony or anything like that. No, it was the realisation that if one said no, they would have to go to the person's farewell. Something none of us want to do... a fact that was probably not lost on the leaving members mind.

So being gracious one said it was fine. In fact one was just going to regard it as the best birthday present ever. Mind you one did ask if the person could have a large red bow tied too tightly around their neck...
They said no

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